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PARA_DOXA will be an ongoing series of conversations with bleeding-edge thinkers and doers from a wide array of intellectual, political and technical fields. If you would like to contribute and/or suggest a person of interest please contact us.

  • a conversation with (forthcoming 2016)
  • a conversation with (forthcoming 2016)

[] [][][  [RE]BUILD  ][][] []

We propose the creation of a zone of experimentation with the intent of bringing together dissenting agencies with critical practices in hopes of finding prototypes and models for a post-capitalist society. Such a platform calls for a cross-pollination of ideas, a shared and in-depth dialogue, and easily accessible means for hands-on experimentation.

This new space will be open to all wanting to participate. Learn more: HERE

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  1. Placing people in time – coaxing whispers of hope from the future

    I wondered if readers might like to take a few minutes to answer a short online survey?

    The research is interested in who future generations are likely to
    become in their relations with place, self and other in response to the environmental
    predicaments the current world is creating for them.

    You can find out more at placingpeopleintime.com. The research is part of a PhD project
    through the Taos institute.

    Click the link below to get started now –


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