First came across Fuchs during nursing research into schizophrenia as a disorder of embodiment. People often ask what alternatives there might be to contemporary psychiatry and psychotherapy, and I feel that the under-researched field that Fuchs (and others) are pursuing and have pursued may be able to offer candidate answers to that question.Body-oriented therapies remain marginalised in part for political reasons and in part because they attach themselves or are associated with scientifically ungrounded traditions. Although this is beginning to change it remains unlikely that therapies of embodiment are going to become popular soon. For instance, despite having been designed in the 1970s I can’t find a single trial of effectiveness/efficacy/etc. of Roberto Friere’s Soma Therapy.This despite the advances of the various forms of embodied cognitive science and neurophenomenology. It forces the question of whether this is down to a delay in application of these fields or invested power and capital interests?