From The Ruins‘, Occupied Times of London (2014)


The Opportunity of Nihilism (2017)

Lunatic Philosophy? (2016)

Mad Consciousness? (2014)

Nietzsche’s Bastards (2014)

The In-itself (2014)

Ontology as Embodied Cognitive Action? (2014)

Being, Background and Pluripolitics: Notes Towards a Theory of Ecologistics (2014)

Nature Poetics and Ecological Praxis (2013)

Ethics and Politics in the Anthropocene? (2013)

Heidegger and the Ecology of Knowing (2013)

We Are The Glitch (2013)

Into the Mystic: Capitalism and the Structuralization of Spirituality (2015)

The Anthropocene and the End of Postmodernism (2015)

All that is solid melts – part 1 (2015)

Constellations: control/crisis/junk (2014)

Sketches on Mutant Design (2014)

 Negative Psychotherapy (2015)

Ecopathology (2014)

Nihilism Unpacked (2014)

Detroit: Disaster-Futurology (2014)

Questions on a Dark Coexistentialism (2014)

Beyond Palliative Care (2014)

The Chaos of Commitments (2014)

Foreclosure/Withdrawal (2014)

Notes on Molecularisation of Control (2014)

Idealism & Exodus in the Thought of Max Stirner (2014)

Policing the real: the Pluralism Wars as a “police action”? (2014)

Damn These Vampires (2014)

The New York Post-nihilist (2014)

The Innocence of Media (2013)

Vulnerability, Meaning, and Death: on the aetiology of panic disorder (2013)

Psycho-climate Communique #1 (2013)

a politics of bodies, relations and things (2014)


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