Synthetic Zero is a collaborative project designed to bring attention to alternative pathways in thought, inquiry, and expression in response to the various crises and unequally distributed realities of contemporary life. We salvage, repurpose, and disseminate a wide range of speculative and pragmatic resources gleaned from media wilderness among the intellectual and ecological catastrophes of advanced capitalist civilization. There are many ways to live among and from the ruins and here we seek to explore most of them.

“Nihilism stands like an extreme that cannot be gotten beyond, and yet it is the only true path of going beyond; it is the principle of a new beginning.” – Maurice Blanchot.


Arran James – psychiatric nurse-> addictions. black holes: coping -> psychopathology -> acceleration -> catastrophe and dissolution -> extinction -> antinatalism ->pessimism -> beginning again from the organizing wounds. defunct blogs at libcom and attempts at living and catastrophic edge -> various libertarian left media platforms. He can’t be contacted via twitter @dronemodule.

dmf is an American ex-academic researcher (life-sciences & philosophy) who came into his activism during the bloody reign of Reagan fighting on issues like Nukes, Apartheid, unions, dirty/drug wars, etc and has been at it ever since, worked for years as a psychiatric social worker and still a practicing existential alienist, private consultant on organizational management/ethics (mostly for NGOs), public healthcare, and research ethics. Doing some local community organizing on issues of healthcare, transportation/urban-development, civic-hacking, environmental issues, and education.

Edmund Berger is a writer and activist living in Louisville, KY. When he’s not dabbling in precarious material labor he blogs at deterritorial investigations and has published writings for a variety of left-wing outlets. His work focuses on the kaleidoscopic intersections between politics, economics, warfare, and cybernetics, filtered through second-order Situationism, Deleuze and Guattari’s nomadic thought and more recent speculative materialisms. Currently he’s working on a manuscript and re-examining practices of everyday living through media studies and ecosophy, with an eye towards design theory. He can be reached at edmund.b.berger[at]

BillStereoLoopFelix Orpheus is a joy technician, deviant materialist, and irreverent mode based in London (UK), where he studies philosophy with interests in continental theory, post-nihilist thought, posthumanities, techno-aesthetics, and strategy.

James Harris’ ghost is a philosophic pathogen scrying a shattered mirror – poet, assassin, witch – nonhyperantipost – possessor/confessor/protestor/oppressor/transgressor of a phenomenal self-model – zentheogenic neuronihilism. is another place it doesn’t post very often.

Jeremy Trombley is an anthropologist and activist working at the intersections of political ecology, speculative theory, and applied ethnography. He blogs at Struggle Forever! and can be reached via Twitter at @jmtrombley.

Linda Stewart is a professor of law teaching legal hermeneutics and human rights. Her research and consequent outputs focuses on poverty and the realization of socio-economic rights in terms of the South African Constitution. She is interested in a radical philosophy of immanence and the praxis thereof focussing on the legal, political and cultural representations of vulnerable bodies/things/relations. She blogs at fuzzy facial and can be reached via twitter at @linnewho

eggMichael James is an multi-media khaos engineer, feral theorists, and curator of the Glitch living in the epicenter of the Alberta oil industry disaster.  His interests include post-nihilist praxis, political ecology, semiotechnics, biotechnology, solarpunk, and para-academic dialogue. His work explores the workable interstices between social justice movements, public infrastructure, critical theory and the earth sciences. He occasionally experiments at Archive Fire and can be contacted directly on twitter @BrightAbyss.

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    “The familiar classical conceptions of ‘subject,’ ‘object,’ ‘epistemology,’ and ‘ontology’ find no fully coherent mapping onto these recent advances in quantum physics, apart from their casual, practical application. In the same way that the causal and logical orders are treated as mutually implicative in these modern interpretations of quantum physics, so too are the pairings of ‘subject and object,’ ‘epistemology and ontology.’”Michael Epperson

  2. Michael, I will be in Alberta all of December – we should try to connect.

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