“Nihilism is not the negation of truth, but rather the truth of negation, and the truth of negation is transformative.”
– Ray Brassier
“Nihilism stands like an extreme that cannot be gotten beyond, and yet it is the only true path of going beyond; it is the principle of a new beginning.”
Maurice Blanchot

Synthetic Zero is a para-academic design space for radical inquiry, open dialogue, and innovative praxis.

We seek adaptive responses to the various crises and unequally distributed realities of contemporary life by salvaging, re-purposing and disseminating a wide range of speculative and pragmatic resources gleaned from the media wilderness.

There are many ways to live from the ruins of the political, ecological, and existential catastrophes of contemporary capitalist civilization and here we will explore most of them.


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  2. “The familiar classical conceptions of ‘subject,’ ‘object,’ ‘epistemology,’ and ‘ontology’ find no fully coherent mapping onto these recent advances in quantum physics, apart from their casual, practical application. In the same way that the causal and logical orders are treated as mutually implicative in these modern interpretations of quantum physics, so too are the pairings of ‘subject and object,’ ‘epistemology and ontology.’”Michael Epperson

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