2 responses to “Close to 40% of civilians killed by police are in mental crisis

  1. The ultimate expression of Szasz’s interpretation of free will and personal autonomy.

    I take a view that some of these killings are wrong and the result of structures which fail the needs of humans with mental disorders. Others are valid. Society itself is schizophrenic so it is difficult to even categorize others as sacrificiable/nonsacrificiable when humanity itself should be evaluated and possibly subject to criminalization.

    • society (our social arrangements are as you have noted absurd but they aren’t hard to make sense of, florid schizophrenias are like garbled signals,crazy zigzagging tangents, mixed wires,glitches, etc) isn’t (and can’t be) schizophrenic unless one is waxing poetic but that aside I knew TS and he was more interested in the politics than the actual people, it’s a tough call as we know next to nothing about the mechanics of the ills we label as psychiatric and certainly don’t have tests for them worth talking about but ya have to ask yourself in the more extreme cases if this person had suffered a TBI or other neuro-injury/disease would we treat them any differently? no easy answers I’m afraid.

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