Robinson Jeffers: The Poet Of Inhumanism


we experience ‘the world’ as the world: glory be to the nonhuman with-in…

Originally posted on dark ecologies:

I am not dead,
I have only become inhuman:
That is to say,
Undressed myself of laughable prides and infirmities…

– Robinson Jeffers, The Selected Poetry Of Robinson Jeffers

Jeffers coined the phrase inhumanism, the belief that mankind is too self-centered and too indifferent to the “astonishing beauty of things.” Jeffers articulated that inhumanism symbolized humans’ inability to “uncenter” themselves. In “The Double Axe,” Jeffers explicitly described inhumanism as “a shifting of emphasis and significance from man to notman; the rejection of human solipsism and recognition of the magnificence of the natural beyond all that is human… This manner of thought and feeling is neither misanthropic nor pessimist…”1  Robinson Jeffers fashioned the moral and ecological philosophy he termed “Inhumanism” from the natural cycles of “bright power, dark peace; / Fierce consciousness joined with final / Disinterestedness” (“Rock and Hawk” CP 2: 416) which he witnessed from the stone cottage

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  1. dmfant said:

    probably one of those matters of taste/type but I have no desire for mystical states or other highs (or lows)
    and certainly don’t think they are necessary/central to human-being, more interested with what we might make of the mundane bits and pieces of the surrounding everyday.

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